want help implementing the changes? get the workshops here*

want help implementing the changes? get the workshops here*


Google’s most significant update in 20 years 👀 

What you need to know to protect your email list in 2024...

Get the scoop on what Google and Yahoo are up to, what's changing (and when), and why you need to know... 


with Certified Deliverability + Email Marketing Specialist
Cheryl Rerick

+ guest experts Evan Samurin & Adrian Savage of EmailSmart

Cheryl Rerick with Adrian and Evan of EmailSmart
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You're already making plans and working behind the scenes to set yourself up for an awesome 2024...

But what you might not know is... there's a *new rule book* and it's about to be much harder to get into the inbox. The changes started rolling out on February 1st with some error codes, in April they started rejecting a small portion of non-compliant emails, and by June... they're set to start rejecting even more.


And if you send marketing emails, there's nothing more important than that. The best copywriting in the world won't matter if nobody can read it. The best offer in the world won't sell if nobody knows about it.


Email is the foundation of everything.


→ aka the make-it-or-break-it for your 2024

Ask yourself this question:

How much am I counting on people reading my emails?

If the answer is "Well yes... I really am counting on that", then you absolutely cannot miss this webinar.


It’s literally a non-negotiable. 

WAIT!! Don't do these things...

  • DON'T panic... I'll explain everything in the class 

  • DON'T worry about all the confusing and conflicting advice floating around (I'll give it to you straight)

  • DON'T run out and do your authentication willy-nilly (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), without first checking the status of your domain reputation (or you could make it worse)

  • DON'T sign up for a domain "warming" service. Anybody who promises to “warm your domain” is breaking the rules and Google is penalizing this

  • DON'T sign up for a service that will “check your inbox placement”, these are also being shut down (it looks like you’re gaming the system

  • DO watch this webinar to learn what's happening, when it's happening, and what you can do to prepare (the RIGHT way)

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Cheryl Rerick

If you have an email list

this class is for you...

You'll walk away empowered knowing:

  • How email deliverability really works (hint: it's not what you think)

  • Your responsibilities as an email marketer (and why you can no longer avoid them)

  • What Google and Yahoo are changing for 2024, what it really means (again, prob not what you think) ... and how it’ll affect your business

  • Why following Google's recommendations – but  in the wrong order can do more harm than good

  • The timeline for the changes – and what you need to focus on first

Don't miss this list-saving free class
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Thinking about avoiding this?

Yeah, I get that. It feels big and intense. That's because it is. It's normal if your first instinct is to ignore and avoid the entire thing, and hope it’ll go away. 


The thing is... you can’t ignore this. 'Cause Google and Yahoo? They don't discriminate. The new rules apply to all businesses, big and small.


What worked in 2023 won't work in 2024.


But listen... if you’ve kept up with the ever-changing social algorithms and best practices (even sliiiightly)


You can do this too. And it's sooo worth it.


When everyone's inboxes are less crowded, yours will have the opportunity to shine.  

Vittoria testimonial

"You, my friend, are like an email marketing wizard!

Your guidance turns overwhelming tasks into manageable, enjoyable experiences.

- Vittoria Daelli
Certified Digital Marketer and Funnel Builder

Alasdair Jones

"Cheryl is a super smart coach, with a classy approach to marketing...

Nothing like the aggressive tactics I've seen elsewhere. Her superpower is real empathy, meaning that I am completely confident in presenting the value of my program, but in a way that persuades and reassures the right people, while rejecting bad fits - and all on autopilot.

- Alasdair Jones

Have we met? I'm Cheryl Rerick

I’m an email marketing strategist, automation engineer (aka super tech-nerd), and creator of the Automate and Chill™ method. I'm high-key obsessed with helping you make more passive sales, free up hours each week, and create a life-proof business… all with your emails. 


If you’ve ever met me, you know that I really truly care about the real-life humans on my email list – and I also love our bubble of an online community of course creators, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs ( ← y’all are my people).


As an EmailSmart Certified Partner, when I heard about the upcoming changes to email deliverability and how they’ll affect… well, everyone... I knew I had to sound the alarm to my village of internet friends. 


In November, I started looking at the emails I get in my own inbox from lists I’m on, and I noticed OVER 80% were not in compliance with the new rules. Even from some of the biggest names in the email marketing space (ahh the stars… they’re just like you!


That’s when I realized I needed to move quickly to prepare as many people as possible. Because I know, for most of us, email marketing quite literally puts food on the table.


I reached out to my good friends Adrian and Evan at EmailSmart— the real OG's of deliverability— and they were immediately onboard to help...   


Cheryl Rerick
EmailSmart Founding partner
Adrian Savage at EmailSmart

Meet Adrian Savage

Adrian "Email Savvy" Savage is a dad, geek, entrepreneur, and co-founder of EmailSmart.

He left the corporate world more than 12 years ago and now specializes in helping businesses get more emails seen by more of their audience.

He's helped many well-known names including Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Neil Patel, Ryan Levesque, Shark Group and Glazer-Kennedy improve their email performance. 

He's also the creator of the unique EmailSmart software, which quickly and simply shows how well your emails are performing and how you can get even more people seeing and opening your emails.

Meet Evan Samurin

Evan “Email Samurai” Samurin is an email delivery expert and co-founder of EmailSmart.

He's an expert at helping his clients increase their revenues by getting their email out of spam and into the Inbox and increasing conversions.

Evan spends his days speaking and consulting on email deliverability and content optimization.

He loves helping his private clients improve their ROI by getting more of their emails seen, increasing their open and click rates and hence increasing their sales.

Evan Samurin at EmailSmart
Adrian and Evan at Emailsmart


Chloe Williams testimonial

"This Completely changed the way I do email marketing in less than a week...

Cheryl's program is a game changer and you have easily slipped into the top 5 people I admire and look up to in business. I simply cannot wait to learn more from you! 

Thank you for making something so boring (tags), SO exciting!" 

- Chloe Williams
*about the course "WTF are Tags?"


"Cheryl is a strategic email wizard...

She is such a resource and has been really helpful making sure my email game is top notch both inside the funnel and out!

- Michelle Pontvert
Life-First Business Mentor & Educator

This free class is for you if...

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    You send emails in your business

  • white checkmark

    You sell your offers in emails

  • white checkmark

    You’re new-ish to email marketing and want to start the right way

  • white checkmark

    You’re experienced at email marketing, and losing access to your subscribers would have huge consequences

Is that you? 👀

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email marketing is about to change

Google’s most significant update in 20 years  

with Cheryl Rerick

What's changing... and how to protect your email list for 2024

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