want help with your email authentication? get the workshops here*

want help with your email authentication? get the workshops here*

Check your authentication with EmailSmart
(for free!)

The only reliable way to check your authentication status is by sending an email from your ESP. Sign up for the Email Smart authentication checker below, and follow the instructions to send them an email. 


* *PLEASE NOTE: this tool is currently under development, so if you have any issues with it, wait a day and try again (if you continue to have trouble, you can contact their support at [email protected]). They're updating and tweaking it in real-time, and were gracious enough to let us use it for no cost. 


***If you use CONVERTKIT, your SPF may show as a soft-fail with this tool, even if you have a verified sending domain (due to Convertkit's VSD subdomain process).  Other ESPs with a subdomain authentication method may show the same -- like Kajabi, Drip, Kartra, Klaviyo, and Flodesk. That doesn't mean there's an issue for Google and Yahoo's new rules, but interestingly enough, it's Microsoft who has the highest standards for SPF. 

→ In the Deliverability Unboxed Workshop Series, I'll show you how to level-up your SPF coverage to pass even the tightest checks.  

Email Smart

Want step-by-step help to protect your email list?

Get the Deliverability unboxed Workshop Series

Jacqui Acree

"Cheryl makes hard tech things easy...


I’m kinda tech-adverse... it's one of those necessary evils that comes with growing an online business, but it’s admittedly my least favourite part. 

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her guidance.

- Jacqui Acree
EFT Tapping Practitioner 

Vittoria testimonial

"You, my friend, are like an email marketing wizard!...

Your guidance turns overwhelming tasks into manageable, enjoyable experiences.

- Vittoria Daelli
Certified Digital Marketer and Funnel Builder

Have we met? I'm Cheryl Rerick

I’m an email marketing strategist, automation engineer (aka super tech-nerd), and creator of the Automate and Chill™ method. I'm high-key obsessed with helping you make more passive sales, free up hours each week, and create a life-proof business… all with your emails. 


If you’ve ever met me, you know that I really truly care about the real-life humans on my email list – and I also love our bubble of an online community of course creators, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs ( ← y’all are my people).


As an EmailSmart Certified Partner, when I heard about the upcoming changes to email deliverability and how they’ll affect… well, everyone... I knew I had to sound the alarm to my village of internet friends. 


In November, I started looking at the emails I get in my own inbox from lists I’m on, and I noticed OVER 80% were not in compliance with the new rules. Even from some of the biggest names in the email marketing space (ahh the stars… they’re just like you!


That’s when I realized I needed to move quickly to prepare as many people as possible. Because I know, for most of us, email marketing quite literally puts food on the table.


I reached out to my good friends Adrian and Evan at EmailSmart— the real OG's of deliverability— and they were immediately onboard to help...   


Cheryl Rerick
EmailSmart Founding partner
Adrian Savage at EmailSmart

Meet Adrian Savage

Adrian "Email Savvy" Savage is a dad, geek, entrepreneur, and co-founder of EmailSmart.

He left the corporate world more than 12 years ago and now specializes in helping businesses get more emails seen by more of their audience.

He's helped many well-known names including Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Neil Patel, Ryan Levesque, Shark Group and Glazer-Kennedy improve their email performance. 

He's also the creator of the unique EmailSmart software, which quickly and simply shows how well your emails are performing and how you can get even more people seeing and opening your emails.

Meet Evan Samurin

Evan “Email Samurai” Samurin is an email delivery expert and co-founder of EmailSmart.

He's an expert at helping his clients increase their revenues by getting their email out of spam and into the Inbox and increasing conversions.

Evan spends his days speaking and consulting on email deliverability and content optimization.

He loves helping his private clients improve their ROI by getting more of their emails seen, increasing their open and click rates and hence increasing their sales.

Evan Samurin at EmailSmart

*now open — for a limited time*

Deliverability Unboxed Workshops

with Cheryl Rerick

Your Guide to Email Success for Google + Yahoo’s new era

…so you can hit send with confidence (and stay out of Google Jail)

Adrian and Evan at Emailsmart


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