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Automate and Chill - Cheryl Rerick

Important question for all coaches + course creators thinking
➞ "Oh shit, I haven't emailed my list this week"

Ready to stop hustling and winging it to write your weekly emails?


Imagine if your email list was a passive profit machine... automatically leading your subscribers on an intentional journey toward your offers... all year long... no matter when they join your email list

(without the pressure of coming up with something new to write each week)

enrollment CLOSES IN

Automate and Chill, by Cheryl Rerick

Important question for all coaches + course creators thinking
➞ "Oh shit, I haven't emailed my list this week"

Ready to stop hustling and winging it to write your weekly emails?


Imagine if your email list was a passive profit machine... automatically leading your subscribers on an intentional journey toward your offers... all year long... no matter when they join your email list

(without the pressure of coming up with something new to write each week)

So here's the Tea


So here's the Tea


You’ve been sold the passive income myth. You know— package your service into a group program, online course and everyone will instantly recognize your genius and line up to hand you wads of cash


But here’s how it really goes down for most of us in the online space  ↓↓


🙌  You create a course, coaching program, membership, or maybe a digital product... then you live-launch it, a handful of people buy, and you feel like you’ve just climbed Mount Everest...


👎  Except now, you’ve gotta continually market the thing... which feels like a whole other full-time job (that you didn’t sign up for)..


🖕  You’re stuck riding the content creation merry-go-round, and the all-consuming live launch cycle has you feeling ready to take a bowl of buttered popcorn to bed, crawl under the covers, and never come out...

curve arrow brown2

So naturally, an Evergreen Sales Funnel sounds like the next answer to your passive profit dreams. Now you can leverage all the hard work from your launches and automate it so passive sales will start lighting up your Stripe notifications... right???   


Well yes... and no. Evergreen Sales Funnels can be a great strategy (love 'em). But there's a catch... they only serve the quickest action-takers. By design, they convert between 1-5% of subscribers in the first 3 weeks… TOPS.


The cold hard truth? 80-90% of your future buyers aren’t ready to buy in the first 3 months. For most of them, it can take up to a year—or sometimes even longer—before they purchase your offer.

  • Not ready


💡Math Check…  that means your evergreen funnel isn’t built for 90% of your buyers  (← a strategy flaw that's not only soul-crushing, but also surprisingly expensive).


And then? You tag them on over to your "General Newsletter" segment (aka the “I’ll email them when I'm inspired" list // aka "lemme just cram my brand voice into this swipe template")… even though they represent 90% of your opportunity.

↑↑ That’s a lot of profit waiting for you in the long game...


... so how can you possibly continue to show up for those future buyers—in an intentional way—without burning yourself out? 

Cheryl Rerick

What you need is a Funnel ECOSYSTEM

And a Long-Term Conversion Funnel is your missing piece


WTF is a Long-Term Conversion Funnel??

It’s a strategic and intentional long-term automated email sequence that nurtures, builds trust, educates, and converts sales all year long

With the amount of time, energy, and sheer grit you've already invested in growing your online business...

You deserve a little white space in your Google Cal

You write and automate this ONCE (it won’t take nearly as long as you’re thinking)... and it keeps working for you in the background, flowing underneath everything else in your business, bringing in those *dreamy* evergreen sales all year long…


Yes, even when…

  You’re down the rabbit hole of yet another brilliant idea (*adds zero to income)

→  Your kid has the sniffles… again (srsly, this is getting old)

→  You’re weighing the pros/cons of which planner is going to change your life *this time*

→  You’re scrolling Pinterest for home office decor inspo (oooh a hammock chair... add to cart) 

→  You're spending... *checks notes*... an entire day practicing the latest Reel trend

→  You’re binging Schitts Creek in the middle of the day for the second  third time (just me?)

→  You’re taking that hard-earned vacay, toes in the sand... totally unplugged (jk you’re still checking your phone to see how many likes you got on that Reel strategy)

All while enjoying the sweet sweet song of our people

(aka Stripe notifications)

palm separator

Stop talking already... << take me straight to what's included ↓↓ >>


OR— you could keep winging it each week

... hustling to write something (anything), trying to stay consistent (and relevant)... stress-eating all the salty snacks from your secret hidden stash above the fridge... distracting yourself by cleaning up the army of beverage containers that are crowding out your keyboard... staring at that damn blinking cursor (is it... mocking you?)
But why should you???
Instead of continuing that same frantic, salty-fingered song and dance, it's time to try something different...


You’ll look back and be *so damn proud* that you chose to do this now and…


Wiped “write an email” right off your weekly recurring to-do-list (byeeee)


Increased your deliverability and sender reputation with uber-consistent emailing (gaining favor with the omnipressant email-overlords)


Created a beautiful and supportive experience for your subscribers (by meeting them right where they’re at)


Made sales easily and automatically (cha-ching!)


Kept engagement high, and subscribers primed for your next big launch (if you even still want to launch)


Built a business that keeps working... (even when you can’t)

Cheryl Rerick

This isn't just wishful thinking.

It's a list of answers to the question "how good can it get?"

And the best part? You didn't even feel the pressure to sit down and write an epic broadcast email each and every week... wracking your brain for the least-boring thing that happened so you can strong-arm it into a storytelling masterpiece...  staring at your blank Google doc (palms sweating)... trying not to feel like you're standing naked on a corner with a sign that says "buy my shit".


Seriously tho... it's time to let go of all that noise. It's impossible to grow and scale while you're stuck in the weeds of working in your business.

This is the funnel to implement in 2024 to grow a sustainable and leveraged business



Automate and Chill™

Long-Term Conversion Funnel 

Automate and Chill Long term nurture funnel, with Cheryl Rerick

Go from feeling like you're always grinding and winging it writing your weekly emails

...to feeling at ease and confident that you're automatically nurturing, building trust, educating, and converting evergreen sales all year long

Automate and Chill™ is everything you need to:


Automate emails for a full year (or however long you choose)


Save boatloads of time (every single week)


Have a clear and strategic plan for your emails— and take your subscribers on an intentional journey toward your offers


Always know what to write about


Build deeper and stronger connections with your subscribers, and make sales easily and peacefully


Feel confident in the tech implementation


Increase the overall deliverability of your email list


Have clear data to make smarter business decisions


Enjoy a steady stream of sales coming in all year long


Feel at ease knowing you're building a sustainable and safe business for when life inevitably gets... "life-y"

Let's change your belief around what your business can look like

Chanti Zak testimonial

"The whole concept of Automate and Chill is so needed...

... and so timely given the state of online marketing as it is today. People are not necessarily making super hasty decisions,  and rightfully so. We have a lot going on in our lives. 

And yet if you can continue to show up for people, and build connection and relationships with them over time... when the time is right they will buy from you.

I know this because I know how long it takes my audience to buy from me, and it's very often two, three, four years. I get messages all the time from people who tell me they've been following me for longer than I can even fathom— and then buy. 

Cheryl has put together this whole system for how to simplify the long-term sales process. This beautiful symbiosis of how people actually make buying decisions is so needed. 

She's brilliant, the whole program is really in-depth, she's very supportive, and she knows her shit. So if you are hesitating... don't.

- Chanti Zak
Quiz funnels, Business Coaching, copywriting

If there's one thing I'm trying to create in my business (and yours)...

It’s a sense of ease. If you're anything like me, you hate feeling pressured. You want your launches and funnels to be supportive, relational, empowering, and consent-based.

Marketing for humans, by humans.


And if you don’t want to use all the fake-pressure, gaslight-y, old-school marketing tactics (so you can close the sale at any cost and “win the day”)— then what happens with all those people who weren’t ready to “buy now”? How do you fill the gap?


The good news is... you can meet them right where they are. Human funnels start with the human journey.


What do they need to know to take a step toward you? What are their hesitations? What do they need to forgive themselves for? What do they need permission for? What do they need to believe about themselves? ... and about you

portrait size for website (4)

Automate and Chill Long-Term Conversion Funnel is how you come alongside your subscribers and take them down a more relaxed and supportive pathway where you'll overcome those blocks, and lead them towards working with you when they’re ready.


But in a beautifully automated way that doesn’t make additional busywork for you – so you can scale that human connection. 

ummm... Isn't that the point of my weekly newsletter? To stay top of mind?

square sticky

Yes it is. But when you’re writing a broadcast in real-time, are you being super intentional about leading them on a personalized journey to overcome their blocks?


Or are you like “Oh shit, I haven’t emailed my list this week, I better write something”. You see how that’s different?


One is centered on you, and the other is centered on your individual subscriber.


And if life happens (as it does), and pulls you away from your business for a time... then what??


Most importantly though, it’s really, really hard to take your subscribers on an intentional journey with you toward your offers when they’re all joining your list at different times.


It’s also really difficult to time your offers in a way that makes sense for each of them...

Now imagine having a sales system flowing behind the scenes....

An automated and guided customer journey that feels totally authentic and sells …so that you don't have to.

What would that mean for you?
For your business?
For your personal life?

*permission to exhale*

Now imagine having a sales system flowing behind the scenes....

An automated and guided customer journey that feels totally authentic and sells …so that you don't have to

What would that mean for you?
For your business?
For your personal life?

*permission to exhale*

Jacqui Acree

"She had me at connection because that's at the heart of everything I do…

When Cheryl first told me about Automate and Chill, my first reaction was “Oh Hellll no”... I couldn’t fathom writing that far in advance. But when I saw more of the program, it started to make so much sense, and she makes it all feel so doable... 

Now I’m all in! 
And if this will help me connect in a more meaningful, intentional way, I'm here for it. (Plus, passive sales. I mean, need I say more?)

Every time I work with Cheryl, my business levels up. So she could literally say "I'm thinking of doing this thing..." and I'm like EVERYONE BUY IT NOW.

- Jacqui Acree
EFT Tapping Practitioner
group membership · courses · 1:1 services 

So who's the


behind this


Hey, I'm cheryl rerick

As an email marketing strategist, automation engineer, and deliverability expert, I get *really fired up* about teaching course creators and coaches how you can implement an automatic customer journey to find that breathing space you crave in your business, so you can scale.


... but I'll save you the resumé and tell you what you really need to know about automation:


→  it can be intimate and authentic

→  it can create much-needed space in your business

→  it can do a better job of following up than you can

→  it's the "great equalizer" (anyone can implement it) 


The best way to make sure something gets done, the best possible way, without fail, every single time... is to automate it.

If I had to rely on myself (and my mom-brain) to follow up in a consistent way, or even remember people's names—let alone know what actions they've taken—I probably wouldn't still be in business 11 years later → #TrueStory


(... especially with how often my day gets completely hijacked by my three kids and our pup Miles... never a dull moment over here)


Every saved minute in my business has a real-life impact. And I know it does for you too...

Alasdair Jones

"Writing emails has always felt like a chore

 ... leading me to just neglect my main list completely in between launches. I joined Automate and Chill because I felt like this program could help me to get moving with writing emails... however, it did so much more.

Cheryl is a super smart coach, with a classy approach to marketing, nothing like the aggressive tactics I've seen elsewhere. Her superpower is real empathy, meaning that I am completely confident in presenting the value of my program, but in a way that persuades and reassures the right people, while rejecting bad fits - and all on autopilot.

Striking this balance of automated but personal is incredible when, like me, you're looking to attract raving fans, without being in the DMs 24/7.

The level of personal support has been exceptional, and I feel like what this program is accomplishing for my messaging, marketing, and all-round work/life balance is worth at least 5 times the enrolment fee.

I can't recommend this program highly enough!

- Alasdair
Language Teacher
group membership · courses

While we're on the topic of funnels, let's talk about how this one is different

You’ve felt a shift in the online marketing world… 


Those commonly taught “tried and true” (*ahem*… slimy and manipulative) sales tactics aren’t working like they used to. Consumers are getting smarter and entrepreneurs are getting burnt out.


Things feel… “off”. Because they are. 


We could all benefit from MORE relationship-building, more connection, more nurturing, more intuition. A little softer, and a lot more supportive. 


A funnel by humans, for humans. We meet them where they are, trust they know what's best for them, coach them along their journey, and always be there (with our offer) when they need us… automatically.   


This program is for the coaches and course creators who want to have an aligned and strategic evergreen sales strategy, as well as more space to BREATHE in their business. 


Automate and Chill™ is my method of marketing online in a more sustainable, more authentic, and more easeful way... while building a business model that brings in sales all year long...


Cheryl Rerick
Automate and Chill

Here's the low-down on how you'll

Automate and Chill™

As an online course creator or coach,  you *already know* that a nurtured and engaged email list of loyal subscribers is your business's best friend → and essential for having an evergreen revenue stream.

You know you should be consistently emailing your list, but you're too overwhelmed and busy with— well, everything else— to figure out what you could possibly say that'll make a difference anyway. Sending one-off broadcasts feels random, disjointed, … and exhausting. 


In this high-touch group program, we’ll craft your automated email sales engine— strategically designed to convert the other (slower) 90%... WITHOUT grinding, pleading, and pushing for every single sale...


→ bringing a sense of confidence and ease in your systems that you didn’t know was possible

→ all because your best employee is working 24/7 for you
(*your Automate and Chill™ funnel)


→ converting sales in a peaceful and supportive way, even when you’re not working. Here’s how...

Automate and Chill method, by Cheryl Rerick
mockups square (3)


The Automate and Chill™ Method

This is where you’ll “flip the funnel” and set the foundation for creating a long-term automated conversion system that overcomes resistance, while building up desire...



  • The subscriber-focused methodology that takes how you’ve been doing email newsletters, and flips it on its head

  • Where (and when) common live launch, evergreen funnel, and email marketing strategies work… and their one common flaw

  • How this fits in with your other funnels and marketing efforts

  • The best ways to tame your email mindset gremlins (everyone has ‘em)

  • Why aiming for “Know, Like, Trust” is a misguided goal

  • The 5 main reasons people don’t buy from your live launches and evergreen funnels

  • How instead of “squeezing leads down a funnel”— you’ll create expansion and natural motivation for feel-good conversions

Module 2 Automate and Chill


Mind Meld Messaging™

You can’t build a strategic journey for your dreamy buyers without truly understanding their needs, desires, and deep subconscious motivators… and you definitely can’t afford to be vague about your offers.

Ever wonder how some businesses just get their customers on a whole other level? As in “OMG, how did you know what I was thinking? Just take my money!"



  • Steal Your Buyer's Thoughts... (legally): how to create a deep and powerful connection with your audience that makes them feel truly seen and heard

  • 4 research methods (and 3 amplifiers) to find the words that resonate deeply, so they feel like you're speaking directly to them

  • Create your Mind Meld Messaging™ Guide to use as your North Star 🌟 for all your copywriting

  • The Journey Sales Page Map - and why this matters for your emails

  • Leverage AI to evaluate and refine your research data 

  • Craft your AI Copy Companion™: the easiest <copy/paste> brand voice guide to get ChatGPT output that isn’t *yawwn (and even sounds like something you would actually say)

Module 3 Automate and Chill


The Reverse Map

Once you’ve mind-melded with your dreamies, and created your own Mind Meld Messaging™ guide and AI Copy Companion™  brand guide, you’ll be ready to design your Reverse Map... 

We start with the goal in mind and uncover all the milestones to get there... so
your A&C emails will be completely subscriber-focused and meet them right where they’re at.

(... not newsletter topic focused, which is more about what we want to talk about, not what they need to hear in this moment) 

Your Automate and Chill™ funnel will be unique to your business, your offer, and your ideal dreamy buyer...


You'll be deciding:

  • When and what to sell (with an evergreen-ready offer audit)

  • Your conversion events, and where you’ll be driving traffic

  • Timing, the hybrid method (and how not to tank your deliverability)

  • Who gets these emails— and why (segmenting your list according to your map)

  • The key milestones that need to happen along the way

  • Your uniquely-curated journey map (→ a funnel that’s actually enjoyable to be in) 

Module 4 Automate and Chill



Now you deeply understand your dreamy ideal buyer, and you’ve plotted your offers on your Reverse Map, this is where it gets fun...

You get to be the designer of your subscribers’ journey

Every email has a job to do along your Reverse Map™ there are no “just because” emails here; never anything cookie-cutter. This framework has a rhythm and flow, so everything has an order and a purpose grounded in sales psychology.


Here's how you'll do it:

  • Learn the 3 phases of the Automate and Chill™ conversion flow, and when you’ll want to use each

  • Within the 3 phases, explore the bank of email types and prompts

  • Following your Reverse Map™, choose your flow of email types that work together toward your offers

  • Using the batch-writing calculator, choose your writing rhythm (set the pace that feels good for you

  • Choose one of the 3 writing rhythm challenges and join the (optional) accountability program

  • Consider coming to the Coworking Lounge to get out of learning and into doing

  • Layer in some of the 8 personal attention touchpoints to bring that real-time human connection to your automated system

Module 5 Automate and Chill


Hidden treasure

Now you have your Reverse Map™ in place for how this is going to go down, you know what you’re selling and when, you designed a flow of email types based on buyer psychology… so next you need to get some ideas for what the 'eff to actually write about. 


There’s no prize for starting from a blank page, so we’re gonna treasure hunt your old stuff to look at it with a fresh perspective.  


TReasure hunting:

  • Find the gems in your existing content, through the lens of the Automate and Chill™ framework

  • Effectively categorize it for repurposing, according to your custom Reverse Map and Email Flow

  • Let AI help you pull out relevant bits and pieces, summarize the data, and make it make sense

  • Spark your creativity by using your old content in new ways

  • Get AI to transcribe your audio and videos, turning every spoken word into valuable written content

  • Use your newly crafted AI Copy Companion™ to rewrite past content into engaging emails, while maintaining your authentic voice

Module 6 Automate and Chill


Copywriting For Emails

Time to write emails! 🎉  Now if you’re anything like… well, everyone… this is where good intentions flatline. I already know that about you (because you’re a human), so I’ve got all kinds of support for you. Need a checklist? Got 'em. SOPs? You betcha. Trackers? Yep.


This is not a simple course on strategy— this is a get-it-done implementation program with support. In modules 1-5, you've already paved the path to make this writing phase that much smoother

Email is about a body of work, and is very forgiving… perfection isn't the goal here. We'll bring curiosity and play to the process and layer in some new methods to improve your writing for connection + conversion...


We'll explore:

  • Crafting emails that not only get opened… but get saved, forwarded, and replied-to

  • The structure of an engaging email (that people actually want to read)

  • Copywriting frameworks for emails

  • Curiosity-inducing subject lines, calls-to-action that nudge them forward, and the surprising power of the PS

  • The art and structure of email storytelling, story banking, and connecting stories to your sales message

  • Essential skills for self-editing

  • Co-writing with AI using copywriting principles and frameworks

  • Refining, editing, and polishing, your message with AI

Module 7 Automate and Chill



Your messaging is dialed, your emails are fire, and you’re not about to let tech be the infuriating bottleneck that makes this another well-intentioned project that collects digital dust and never gets launched. Not on my watch... you now have a super-nerd on call.

(that’s me, Cheryl ← I'm the nerd) 

What you
don't need? Yet another course or program telling you what you should do... but that doesn't actually help you get it DONE.

The goal is to create ease and space in your business, so this is where you’ll choose the implementation strategy that fits for you— where you’re at in business, how you like to work, and what resources you have at your disposal.


You'll have the opportunity to learn:

  • Automation basics: triggers, timers, merge fields, filters, and integrations

  • The tagging strategy (my specialty)

  • How to build it out in your funnel ecosystem

  • Email optimization, SOPs, and best practices

  • Evergreen expiring links and countdown timers

  • All the detailed funnel maps your heart desires (minimum viable, balanced, or advanced ← I gotchu covered)

Module 8 Automate and Chill


The Glo up

When you’re ready to take it up a notch, I’ll show you all my fave *fancypants* automation magic tricks. And when I say Glo Up… I live and breathe this stuff. We’ll get serious about your data so you can make ultra-smart business decisions and cover any/all of the more technical parts of advanced subscriber journeys.

Automate and Chill™ is designed to give you the most custom solution to build the
ideal journey for your people, while also designing the lifestyle you want to create for yourself as a business owner. 

get to decide how simple or sophisticated you want this to be (and keep the rest in your pocket for later)...


We'll nerd out over :

  • How to automate real human connection

  • Tracking and visualizing your numbers

  • Glo-up tech stacks, tools, and integrations

  • Tag trails and lead scoring

  • Conditional content (liquid syntax)

  • Data-based optimization and feedback loops (so you can improve and iterate over time)

  • Any other advanced use cases you can dream up

Carly testimonial

"This is exactly what I needed at this stage in my business!


Seriously Cheryl I have never felt so organized as I do moving through Automate and Chill! I'm clear on the bigger picture for my business - how each offer works together, what makes sense to keep versus what offers are dead weight, and when to make each offer - and on my customers' journey from new subscriber to buyer!

Your videos make it all make sense, and I am STOKED to be able to use the content I've created in the lifetime of my business, sorted so that it tells a story, educates, and builds know, like, trust, and desire.

For years I've had a webinar funnel for new leads, and the people who don't buy end up in a sea of random weekly newsletters. Now I see exactly how I can educate the sale long term.

It's been a while since I felt this excited about how my business is growing!

- Carly Banks
The Habit Ayurveda
courses · group membership

The secret sauce

A virtual buffet of support and accountability options

(so you can show up in the ways that feel best to you)

No question left behind…

Live Strategy Calls

Join me LIVE on Zoom twice per month for strategy and implementation support. Bring all your Qs, and get my eyeballs on your business.

Side benefit? Get the chance to listen in on questions you haven’t even thought of yet...

Included for 12 months, because once you implement your Automate and Chill™ funnel, we'll optimize it over time.

*Calls are recorded with a searchable transcript

Chill with friends

Private Facebook Group

Snag an invite to the Automate and Chill™ Private Lounge on Facebook. 

Connect, network, and lean on a community of coaches and course creators who
get you. 

Get feedback. Give support. Collaborate. Celebrate. Lift each other up. 

→ That’s the vibe.

Have fun, stay motivated

Choose your challenge

Listen– if only you were the same starry-eyed, super-motivated person you were when you bought an untold amount of courses and programs, you'd be a kajillionnaire by now...

Everyone's selling strategy, but the money is in the implementation. So you’re gonna implement the hell outta this, ‘mmk? 

You choose your pace, and I’ll check-in to keep you on (your own) track. 

Will I annoy you? Probably. But will you thank me later? Abso-fricken-lutely.



Roadblocks... we all have 'em. Avoiding writing? You're HUMAN! You live in a human body with a human brain, so this is just part of the ride.   

Hit a wall? We'll hoist you over it in no time... 

Squirrel Brain/can't focus  ·  Nothing's flowing ·  Don't know how to start ·  I'm repeating myself ·  It's too boring  ·  What I wrote is trash ·  

Mindset drama is normal, so don't sweat it. This is Automate and CHILLLL ya know? Pop your earbuds in and stop by for a lil pep-talk when you need a lift...

Oh, you want Bonuses ?

Hmm... so you're worried this is too much to implement WHILE also running your business?


*psshhh I knew you’d say that. 


You’ll also get your hot-little-grabby-hands 👐 on this curated stack of bonuses to help you ramp up your productivity (and dial down the overwhelm)...

palm separator
IRL Newsletters

#IRL Newsletters

Once you have your Automate and Chill™  funnel flowing behind the scenes, you’ll notice it feels like a pressure valve has been released…


→ You might choose not to send real-time broadcast newsletters, and enjoy the breathing room your long-term funnel provides. (love this for you)

→ You want to send sporadically? Great! Your baseline is already handled. Send IRL whenever you’re feeling in the mood.

→ Or you want to keep sending weekly? Amazing! the only thing better than one email is two. The only thing better than two is three…


Prompts, style, timing, segmenting… you name it, we’ll talk about it.


Your strategist in a Vox

Voxer office hours (3 months)

Private 1:1 voice messaging for when you have some quick Qs.

... or need some feedback and verbal processing, but don’t want to wait for a group call

... or you're on the go ...
or just can't handle any more people-ing.

Hit me up with a text or voice memo on Voxer, and I’ll reply during set office hours each week.

Jessica testimonial

"The Voxer support from Cheryl has blown my mind!

I need someone to hold my hand through this, because yes -- writing a year of emails is no small feat.

Whenever I'm stuck, Cheryl's there with an answer. She's taken the time to understand our businesses inside and out.

 The support is worth the price of this program alone! 

- Jessica Brooks
UX Sales Page Copywriter


Coworking Lounge

You know what’s not helpful? Too much learning... and not enough doing

Get the extra encouragement you need and ramp up your productivity by coming to the Coworking Lounge.

The lounge is open 24/7 and you can drop by for coworking events, or even show up to work solo. Either way, it'll help you be accountable to work ON your business,

Set the intention, set the timer, get to work, then take breaks... but together.

tools and trackers

Tools + trackers

What 'n the actual sheet?  

Welcome to the nerd zone! I'm handing over all my spreadsheets, planners, calculators, trackers, and worksheets. Everything you need to get organized AF.

Tryna figure out how to fit this into your already jam-packed schedule?
Lemme help you with that…  

Choose from 3 science-backed writing rhythms, and use my Batch Writing Calculator to decide where/when to block space on your calendar. 


Deliverability Unboxed

Deliverability Unboxed
Workshop Series (reg $197)

How much are you counting on people getting your emails in 2024?


Google and Yahoo have a *new rule book* and it's now much harder to get into the inbox. And if you use email to both connect with your audience and to sell your offers, there's nothing more important than that.


In this workshop series, we’ll unbox the most urgent, most important things to make sure you’re compliant with Google and Yahoo's new updates. From authentication to list hygiene and re-engagement, we cover it all in Deliverability Unboxed.



Ashley Brown

"As a very tech-savvy business owner,

I am very happy and humbled to say that Cheryl showed me a whole new world of email that I had no freaking idea existed. With her help, I was able to tackle some seriously intimidating stuff aka my DNS authentication settings. After that, I did it for several design clients as well and now, it feels like an absolute breeze.

Next, I’ll be finishing a whole year of emails also thanks to Cheryl and Automate and Chill. Cheryl is undoubtedly one of the best email marketers to have in your corner! 

- Ashley Brown
designer and strategist at Kween Creative

— Launch sale — Save $300 until April 25


6 Payments of

  • 8 Module Curriculum
  • Biweekly LIVE Strategy Calls (6 months)
  • Community on Facebook
  • Accountability Program
  • Private Podcast
  • Tools, workbooks, spreadsheets, trackers, calculators
  • BONUS: #IRL Newsletters
  • BONUS: Weekly Voxer Office Hours (3 months)
  • BONUS: Coworking Lounge
  • BONUS: Deliverability Unboxed Workshop Series (reg $197)

✨ PAY IN FULL BONUS: 5 private Loom copy reviews

*Please note: If you choose to enroll with a payment plan, you are 100% responsible for completing all of your payments. 


3 Payments of

  • 8 Module Curriculum
  • Biweekly LIVE Strategy Calls (6 months)
  • Community on Facebook
  • Accountability Program
  • Private Podcast
  • Tools, workbooks, spreadsheets, trackers, calculators
  • BONUS: #IRL Newsletters
  • BONUS: Weekly Voxer Office Hours (3 months)
  • BONUS: Coworking Lounge
  • BONUS: Deliverability Unboxed Workshop Series (reg $197)

✨ PAY IN FULL BONUS: 5 private Loom copy reviews

*Please note: If you choose to enroll with a payment plan, you are 100% responsible for completing all of your payments. 

full pay + bonus

1 Payment of

  • 8 Module Curriculum
  • Biweekly LIVE Strategy Calls (6 months)
  • Community on Facebook
  • Accountability Program
  • Private Podcast
  • Tools, workbooks, spreadsheets, trackers, calculators
  • BONUS: #IRL Newsletters
  • BONUS: Weekly Voxer Office Hours (3 months)
  • BONUS: Coworking Lounge
  • BONUS: Deliverability Unboxed Workshop Series (reg $197)

✨ PAY IN FULL BONUS: 5 private Loom copy reviews

Looking for a longer payment plan? 
I gotchu


After you hit the pink button and let auto-fill do its thing, you should see some confetti 🎉.

Then drop into the Facebook group to say "hey", so we can say "hey", and we'll all celebrate together that you're here.

You'll get an email with the support schedule so you can block your Google Cal and get ready to roll...

→ Module One is already waiting for you

→ Modules release one per week

→ With 4 implementation weeks built in (so you'll have space to integrate)

**The lessons are recorded, and you can go at your own pace. The live calls and Voxer are for strategy, support, and integration when you need them. There's no such thing as "falling behind", the program is designed to fit into your busy life.

Now is THE best time to join
, because you'll be well on your way to a more automated 2024 by summer...

The 100%  Chill Guarantee


When you enroll in Automate & Chill™, you’re getting everything you need to implement a long-term automated email funnel that nurtures, builds trust, educates, and converts sales all year long.

And the best part?
It’s completely customized to you, your business, and your lifestyle (no cookie-cutter BS over here)... so you’re not betting on what worked for “guru Steve” will also work for you.

I already know that implementing Automate and Chill™  will be a game changer in your business (and well…
your whole life). But more importantly, you need to know that. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to give a solid “HARD yes, Cheryl!”. 

Take a full 21 days
and learn the foundations of the Automate and Chill™ method, drop into a live strategy call to get your Q’s answered (or message me for Voxer office hours)...

If after going through the first module, you still don’t think your Automate and Chill™ funnel is
the missing link between you and a more leveraged and sustainable business, then shoot an email over to [email protected] with the subject line WTF Cheryl??” and we’ll pretend like this whole thing never happened. 


** Because the entire point of A&C is to CHILL, I’m not going to check your homework. Nothing to prove, no minimum amount of work to show.  → But you and I both know any strategy is only as good as the effort behind it. So I encourage you to show up for yourself and your business and take advantage of all the support options before you decide… because your future chilled-out-self is sooo worth it.


(and you’ll feel like you’re really getting to know the humans on the other side of the <send> button)

Vittoria testimonial

"A sigh of relief for anyone drowning in the email marketing sea...


I never expected to find joy in planning my email content. It used to feel like a chore, but now, I actually look forward to strategizing my campaigns.

The pressure to come up with topics on the fly is gone.

Crafting my first engaging email sequence felt like climbing a mountain and planting my flag in my signature offer (even the subtle increase in open rates had me doing a little victory dance!).

If you want to banish the overwhelm, gain confidence, and actually enjoy your email marketing journey, this is the place to be. It's a community of support, learning, and growth – and it's changed my approach to emails entirely.

Jump in, and you won't regret it!

- Vittoria Daelli
Certified Digital Marketer and Funnel Builder
courses · 1:1 services





Instead of staying in hustle mode, working inside your business just trying to keep up with your never-ending weekly tasks (like writing to your subscribers)...


We're going to take that right off your to-do list, so you can step into your real-deal CEO role.  

(or take a nap… that sounds pretty good too)

What this is:

  • A completely customizable, automated funnel system that will be totally unique to your business

  • A cohesive email strategy that’s intentional and makes sales

  • Highly implementation-focused 

  • Results-driven, high-touch program with support when you need it

  • Based on leveraging your time + effort, and doing LESS busy-work

What this isn't:

  • Cookie-cutter templates or mad-lib swipe files (that sound exactly like everybody else


  • Rando content prompts… so you can send emails, just for the sake of sending emails


  • A bunch of strategy teaching, with no help to implement it


  • A DIY course where you’re left on your own to figure it out


  • Filler and fluff to make it seem valuable, but really just wastes your time

The catch is, this isn't for everyone

...but if you’ve been around the block with email marketing, and you’re nodding along to most of these, then you should probably swipe right ♥ → so we can link up 


→ You have a course, program, or digital offer that’s been validated and you’ve launched it before (and made sales)

→  You’re clear on what you’re selling (and to who)

→  You’re tired of wasting your time coming up with things to email your list… just for the point of emailing your list

→  You’re willing to invest your time now, so you can start to reap the rewards and have more time to CHILL later

→  You’re ready to break free from the random email merry-go-round and instead— leverage all the words you write into a year-long conversion system

(Is that you? 👀)

Marisa testimonial

"Cheryl is a GOD SEND!

From the minute I read her sales page, I knew WITHOUT even meeting or speaking with her that I HAD to work with her. And it’s not my style to just jump in working with someone without researching them for months minimum!

Cheryl is the very first strategist I’ve ever signed on with “site unseen”.

From day one, she provided immense value and insight, and has been there for me to get projects done and to the finish line!

- Marisa Liza Pell
Intuitive Medium
courses · group programs

Jessica Byrne

"THIS is what I need RIGHT now for my business...

Having this step-by-step plan to follow makes this all feel more manageable. It was a daunting task to go from nothing to what I wanted the end result to be... and that overwhelming feeling was getting in my way of actually starting.

I have started feeling more confident about my own abilities in creating email marketing because I KNOW Cheryl has got my back. She will be there helping me to spur on new ideas, to ask the right questions, to offer helpful suggestions, and to figure it out, with me.

Her Automate and Chill Program walks you through the process of creating automation that doesn't feel automated. It's allowing me to connect and nurture my potential clients in ways I never was before.

- Jessica Byrne
My Dreamy Sleeper
1:1 services

Esai Arasi

"The program is hands down the best email marketing funnel training I have taken...

 The support from Cheryl is insanely personalized. It's a steal at the price she's offering it, as I keep telling he

- Esai Arasi
Lead Generation Specialist · Social Media Manager & Content Strategist · Conversion Copywriter

— Launch sale — Save $300 until April 25


6 Payments of

  • 8 Module Curriculum
  • Biweekly LIVE Strategy Calls (6 months)
  • Community on Facebook
  • Accountability Program
  • Private Podcast
  • Tools, workbooks, spreadsheets, trackers, calculators
  • BONUS: #IRL Newsletters
  • BONUS: Weekly Voxer Office Hours (3 months)
  • BONUS: Coworking Lounge
  • BONUS: Deliverability Unboxed Workshop Series (reg $197)

✨ PAY IN FULL BONUS: 5 private Loom copy reviews

*Please note: If you choose to enroll with a payment plan, you are 100% responsible for completing all of your payments. 


3 Payments of

  • 8 Module Curriculum
  • Biweekly LIVE Strategy Calls (6 months)
  • Community on Facebook
  • Accountability Program
  • Private Podcast
  • Tools, workbooks, spreadsheets, trackers, calculators
  • BONUS: #IRL Newsletters
  • BONUS: Weekly Voxer Office Hours (3 months)
  • BONUS: Coworking Lounge
  • BONUS: Deliverability Unboxed Workshop Series (reg $197)

✨ PAY IN FULL BONUS: 5 private Loom copy reviews

*Please note: If you choose to enroll with a payment plan, you are 100% responsible for completing all of your payments. 

full pay + bonus

1 Payment of

  • 8 Module Curriculum
  • Biweekly LIVE Strategy Calls (6 months)
  • Community on Facebook
  • Accountability Program
  • Private Podcast
  • Tools, workbooks, spreadsheets, trackers, calculators
  • BONUS: #IRL Newsletters
  • BONUS: Weekly Voxer Office Hours (3 months)
  • BONUS: Coworking Lounge
  • BONUS: Deliverability Unboxed Workshop Series (reg $197)

✨ PAY IN FULL BONUS: 5 private Loom copy reviews

Looking for a longer payment plan? 
I gotchu


That's cool and all, but you have questions...

(it'd be weird if you didn't) 


B2B - Hell yeah! Selling B2B courses, programs, and digital products makes perfect sense in a long-term conversion funnel. I had you in mind when I designed the program

B2C - Probably! Most B2C online courses, group programs, and digital offers are a great fit for an Automate and Chill™ funnel


… but in *some* cases, it might depend on your unique audience and how you sell your offers. This is exactly why I recommend having successfully launched your offer(s) before and/or having an evergreen sales funnel that has validated that your offer will sell. (→ if not… start there and come back later). If after reading this page, you still aren’t sure, email me at [email protected], use the chat box floating in the bottom right corner of this page, or DM me on Instagram and we’ll chat it out.  

SaaS - Maybe? I don’t have any experience marketing SaaS products, but depending on your SaaS solution and your ideal buyer, I don’t see why it wouldn’t deliver amazing results. If after reading this page, you still aren’t sure, email me at [email protected], use the chat box floating in the bottom right corner of this page, or DM me on Instagram and we’ll chat it out. 

E-commerce and Physical Products - Probably not. I have zero experience in ecomm marketing, and the program was not designed to sell physical products. It might be too convoluted if you have lots of products, inventory, frequent sales, and price changes. But if you really want to join and think it will benefit you, email me at [email protected], use the chat box floating in the bottom right corner of this page, or DM me on Instagram and we’ll chat it out. 




But will be better if you already have an offer that sells, and have already done the work to have solid messaging/niche, etc. 


It’ll still be amazing for you… but you may find you’ll want to re-do some of it later down the road once you have core offers and positioning  


However… if you’re bootstrapping, still haven’t made much income, and this will be a big financial stretch for you? Then it’s not the best first step. You’d be better served by validating your offer and focusing on making your first sales with a live launch. 




You’re exactly who I had in mind when I created Automate and Chill™. 


If you have a proven offer that works with evergreen rolling enrollment (or could be adjusted to have rolling enrollment), Automate and Chill™  will be that much easier for you to implement and start profiting from.


Love it! Automate and Chill™ will work especially well with a combo of 1-2 signature offers and several smaller offers.

A resounding yes!

Having a plan and setting up this intentional journey for your subscribers now, will help you feel SO much more confident to invite new people to join your list. 

You'll rest assured that they'll get the best experience, and you won't have additional busywork... or feel that pressure to <write an email> every single week. 

However, it must be pointed out that with a small list, your ROI in dollars might be lower until you can get more traffic. That said, you'll still get a super high ROI on your TIME, and I know "future you" will be so glad you put this in place.  

*note: list growth strategies are not covered in the program


If you have any questions about your list size, please email me at [email protected] and we can chat. 

Here's the thing... this isn't meant for you if you're someone with a lot of spare time and who enjoys dabbling and slowly figuring things out.

But it’s really up to you.

You’re already writing emails anyway… but somewhat winging it in the high-level strategy department. Honestly? That can be a stressful place to be. 

On your Google Cal it looks like a ONE-hour time block that says “WRITE EMAIL”... 

But in reality, it takes much LONGER to write a one-off email on the fly. 

… look for ideas and inspiration, sift through possible templates, write something you feel only “meh” about, re-do it 6 times, get distracted… 

You and I both know this is not the best use of your time or your creativity.


In Automate and Chill™, we’ll get super dialed in on what emails in what order will help you hit your goals, spend some focused chunks of time together knocking ‘em out, get your tech set up rocking and rolling (no tears required)... 


So you can wipe that whole imposing “write an email” time block right off your urgent to-do list.

Lemme ask you this…

If a family emergency happened next month, pulling you away from your business, are you confident that your business would survive?

When IS a good time to make your business more sustainable? 

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll enjoy the space it affords you. 

But only you know when is the best time for your business and your lifestyle. 

It’ll work if you work! The stats show - unequivocally - that the better you connect with your email list the more money you stand to make. It’s an ASSET that brings $42 on average for every dollar spent (data from Litmus, 2022). 

And the best part? It can always be optimized. You’re investing in creating these living, breathing, evergreen long-term emails that can be used for years to come.

You can follow the data. You can track the performance of your emails, so you know which ones need your attention → and which ones bring all the clients to the yard.


You probably could eventually. But will you?


I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and course creators, and have talked to many, many more. A common thread? 


Procrastination. Inaction. Distraction. Getting trapped under daily busy work tasks. Writer's block. Tech overwhelm (or tech avoidance). Unknowingly harming your sender reputation. Strategy switching without data. And a lot of wasted time and money.  


↑↑ All those perfectly normal parts of marketing a course or coaching business guided how I designed this program… from the tools and resources to the reverse map, and from the AI layers to the built-in support and accountability.   


So why should you have to go it alone, when we could implement it together?




Yes… and yes 😉


When it comes to incorporating AI into your workflow, I recommend approaching it with curiosity and play. AI is here to stay, and is only evolving


Sometimes I want nothing to do with it while I’m writing, and sometimes I rely on it to get me moving past my blocks. And it’s a fabulous editor. All is good.


I’ve baked AI tips right into the program, so if you want to dip a toe in, I’ll show you how. And if you don’t– that’s fine too. 


Automate and Chill™ is meant to be custom and support you in how you work best. Want to learn something new? I’m here for you. Want to write the way you always have? I support that too.




I'm not asking you to stop!

But what if you sent your real-time real-life update emails AND you also walk alongside them as you guide them on a journey that meets them exactly where they are and leads them toward your offer?

It's not an either/or → it's a yes/AND

Because the only thing better than one email a week… is two 😉

Inside Automate and Chill™, I’ll help you make a plan for how they can work together.  

Side benefit? You’ll love how much lighter it feels to write a newsletter because the sales pressure has been released. Now you can write the fun emails that feel easy to you when you have something you wanna say. 


Prompts, email types and phases, Mind Meld Messaging guide, tons of topics and formulas, story generator, AI training, and how to find endless ideas - YES.


Plug-and-play, mad-libs style fill in the blanks? No.


Because I believe with the right support and prompts, you are uniquely equipped to write the very best emails for your audience.


You know your business, your offer, and your audience better than anyone else.  Following my Automate and Chill™  framework, this will actually be wayyyy easier than you think. 


(besides, using the same tired-ass swipe files as everyone else is no bueno for your deliverability. The email content filters are smart as hell… and truthfully, your audience is bored of them) 



Resounding YES. 

  • We’ll have group Zoom strategy and Q&A calls twice a month (incl for 12 months), and you’ll get my eyes on your business
  • Voxer Office hours once every week, for 3 months
  • Private Facebook community
  • Accountability challenges
  • Coworking Lounge

In order for my framework to get you the very best results (which I’m highly invested in), it needs to be custom to YOU - your business, your offers, your existing funnels… and your lifestyle. 

It’s also of no use if you just learn the strategy and never get it implemented. 

And I’ve designed the program with that in mind.  

Hate joining a program and feeling like you’re always behind? Same.

We’re not gonna do that here. You can do this as fast or as leisurely as you like. Choose a pace, and join the accountability challenge to stay on (your own) track. 

To avoid overwhelm and indecision, the curriculum will be dripped out each week, with 4 strategically placed implementation weeks to support you in getting it done. 

But you by no means have to keep up with that pace. You can set your own rhythm. 


Here's the thing: copywriters and funnel builders always take care of everrrryone else... but chances are your own customer journeys and funnels are neglected. 

I recommend you take Automate and Chill and go through the program for your OWN business first. (the program incl a single personal use license)

Then if you decide you want to provide this as a service, I'm working on a Licensing program to make that happen... so you can be Certified in the Automate and Chill method. 

If that interests you, and you'd like to chat about it, email me at [email protected].


I truly believe that there’s no one better to write these emails better than you. You’re the one who knows your dreamy buyers and your offers intimately.

You don’t have to write like a copywriter, perfection isn’t the goal here. Regular automated, intentional, connecting emails that sell.

That said, I am working on a VIP-level DFW package. If that's of interest for you, email me at [email protected], find me in the DMs, or send me a voice note on Voxer: cherylrerick.


I would love to hear your questions! 


Email me at [email protected]

Find me in the DMs,

Send me a voice note on Voxer: cherylrerick


... or use the little messenger thingy in the bottom right corner of your screen





In Automate and Chill™, I'm revealing my entire long-term conversion funnel-building process I’ve used with my private clients since 2019 → now optimized for online course creators and coaches.



I'm giving you a clear roadmap with directions to take you exactly where you want to go and the support you need to make it completely custom for your unique business and lifestyle...

Oh hey, you're still here?

Look, we both know if you’ve scrolled this far down the page, you already get it. You KNOW that you're not going to make evergreen sales all year long if you aren't consistently emailing— and actually making real connections with—  those dreamy subscribers on your list…


→ in a way that helps them understand what you're selling and how you can help them

→  and in an order that makes strategic sense for their unique journey with you

So let's recap...

Automate and Chill

→ If you’re an online course creator or coach with a digital offer that you want to sell all year long …you need Automate and Chill™


→ If you’re feeling stretched thin with all the content creation and are so.effing.tired. of seeing “write an email” as a permanent fixture on your Google Cal// Click up// Asana// Notion task list …you need Automate and Chill™


→ If you’re thinking "damn, I wish people knew all about my offers without me having to do stuff all the time" you need Automate and Chill™


→ If you’ve been dreaming of having enough breathing space to take a vacation without your laptop– and not have your revenue drop off in direct proportion to your tan lines you need Automate and Chill™


→ If clicking <send> on your weekly emails feels like you’re shouting into a dark, purposeless void you need Automate and Chill™


→ If your live launches, evergreen funnel, and tripwires are the only ways you currently make sales you need Automate and Chill™


→ If you’ve woken up at least one morning this month thinking → Oh shit, I haven’t emailed my list this week you need Automate and Chill™


→ If you don’t have an automatic and intentional way to follow up over the long term to strategically lead subscribers toward your offers you need Automate and Chill™


→ If your biggest reason not to do this is because you’re too busy …you really need Automate and Chill™

it's okay— you can release the pressure valve

In Automate & Chill™, we'll design your custom framework for what to write about and when. Then we'll go ahead and just get’er done, dusted, and automated for the rest of the year.


Sound good?


See you on the inside...  

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